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Join us in the Virtual OER Congress

September 13, 2017

Virtual 2nd World Open Educational Resources (OER) Congress

We feel that there is a need to create equal opportunities for those who cannot join us in Ljubljana and empower the OER community and every Member State citizen around the world to be part of the Congress.

For this purpose, the Government of Slovenia will engage with its multimedia stakeholders VideoLectures.Net, MiTeam and Ministry of Education with other press partners to produce a virtual experience of the event.

Join us in the Virtual OER Congress from Monday, 18 September at 9:00 CET to  Wednesday, 20 September at 12:30

All involved, remote and room participants, speakers and exhibitors will be able to access to online materials, share content, information on satellite events, sessions, documents and their key areas of interest in their profiles.

Organizers on the other hand will get an efficient set of tools for instant communication with participants, to provide agenda updates, social events news and venue related multimedia information and enable Match making search and networking with participants with similar interests.

ViCo will provide an unobtrusive way to access a wider set of stakeholders beyond those in the room and provide the global general public with access to the main Congress session.

The 2nd World Open Educational Resources (OER) Congress is scheduled to be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 18–20 September 2017, co-organized by UNESCO and the Government of Slovenia.

Open Education and OER Slovenian case: From Commitment to Action

September 12, 2017

During the work towards the Congress, the Slovenian government has translated its practice in implementing OER into a brochure. This short policy document is intended to showcase other governments at the Congress how Slovenia is coping with the idea of opening up education. We have identified 5 major areas across all fields of education. Work on these ‘exemplars’ has just begun and here on the OpeningupSlovenia website you can see the latest updates.

Congress brochure

September 11, 2017

The Congress Programme with all details of all speakers and satellite events is now available:

  • click here to download the English version of the Congress preview brochure
  • click here to download the French version of the Congress preview brochure

European Commission Patronage Granted to World OER Congress

June 16, 2017

The 2nd World Open Educational Resources (OER) Congress has become a catalyst for global change in OER. We now celebrate that impact together with the European Commission, who have just honored us with their patronage. The Congress continues to strengthen the priority of “Open and innovative education and training, including by fully embracing the digital era”, one out of the 6 new priorities for Education 2020 in Europe, reinforcing the efforts of the European Commission’s Strategic framework – Education & Training 2020. The agenda is geared toward a new, more inclusive vision of education and training up to 2020.

Successful finish of Latin America and Caribbean regional consultation

April 23, 2017

The Latin America and Caribbean OER Regional Consultation was held on 3-4 April, 2017
at the Golden Tulip Paulista Plaza in São Paulo, Brazil .