2nd World OER Congress
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Accompanying events

In order to seize the moment and maximize impact, it is of interest to create a set of thematically connected and focused events to the main sessions of the Congress. These will be mainly industry, research and capacity building events. The first set of identified events are the following:

Research track

AI for Global Education –¬†How to use AI to solve SDG 4: Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning?: K4A will organise a conference featuring talks from UNESCO Chairs and experts, and leading AI, Big Data and machine learning scientists both from Academia and Industry. These talks would be preceded by online discussions with starting point problems identified by UNESCO Chairs, National Commissions and Personnel in Paris related to UN SDG 4, and scientific discussions aiming at proposing how AI and machine learning technologies may contribute to answering the proposed problems.

Open Education European Commission funded projects 1st Conference: This event will present H2020 Innovation and Research projects for ICT in Education. This follows the Digital Agenda for Europe stating “Member States to mainstream eLearning in national policies for the modernisation of education and training, including in curricula, assessment of learning outcomes and the professional development of teachers and trainers.” The event will allow actors (teams, projects, and companies) currently involved in open education projects in Europe to present the results of their work.

Industry track

OER and businesses 1st Global Forum: Together with UNESCO, Slovenia managed to establish a formal process for the preparation of a legislative instrument on OER. Part of this process will be the outcomes and the results of the 2nd World OER Congress which shall be adopted as specific recommendations or even a Road Map on OER. This will be a great opportunity not only for Slovenian but also for European postal operators. We, the postal operators are namely seen as the perfect partner to the educational institutions by offering comprehensive support for both: informational and material logistics (and distribution) in OER, as these are essentially digital materials. The combination of the historical mission of post offices, network of postal offices, diversified infrastructure to the institutions and private users, as well as big data sources and competences effectively fills one of the major problem in implementing open education – comprehensive, safe and efficient infrastructure services with advanced management of large amounts of data. The Slovenian post sees in a great business opportunity, a new service to enter to the niche market.

Capacity Building and Awareness track

Open Educational Resources and Teachers (on all levels): As end users and also creators of OER are teachers, and digital technologies make creation and digestion easy, the advocacy and presentation of OER to all levels of teachers (kindergarten, primary, secondary) beyond HEI in important. What we would like to address here is the availability of new, open cloud-based components, tools and services for use in digital learning scenarios; present more efficient and effective learning, through mainstreaming new ways of learning with digital technologies and more efficient ways of assessing learning outcomes; and scalable solutions, capable of reaching very large numbers of schools and students, and deliver social innovation in education.

OpeningupBalkans 1st Regional Conference: This goal of this event is to bring together practitioners, researchers and policy makers from the South-East Europe, to present methods for improving the effectiveness of online and open education but also promote discussion of the implications of OER and new EduTech trends for classical university education. The event will aim on presenting and directly influencing a new OpeningupMemberState initiative which is one of the goals of OpeningupSlovenia.

Exhibition track

MyMachine Global 1st Global Conference and Exhibition: This event would feature the 1st MyMachine Global Conference and Exhibition uniting the products of the MM methodology and making the case for an open pedagogy in STEM in practice. The event will be organised by MM Global presenting the products of children in elementary schools/kindergartens with students in higher education and pupils in technical middle- and high schools to collaborate as peers, in a unique ecology of talent, to materialize their own unexplored dream machine ideas.