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Accompanying events

In order to seize the moment and maximise impact, a set of thematically connected and focused events to the main sessions of the Congress. These will directly address the obstacles for the mainstreaming of OER by the global educational community.

Planning a Satellite Event for 2nd World OER Congress 2017

Workshops or other ancillary events (e.g. meetings, socials, etc) which Congress or other attendees may attend, but which are not planned or sponsored by the Congress, can be designated Congress Satellite Events if they are organized according to the following rules.

Satellite Events include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Scientific Events – Any event where scientific/educational programming is being presented (e.g., special interest groups, user’s groups, workshops).
  • Policy Events – Any event where policy experimentation/creation and practice is being presented (e.g., special interest groups, user’s groups, workshops).
  • Capacity Building Events – Any event where processes for developing and strengthening the understanding of open education within organizations and communities
  • Meetings – Meetings of committees, exhibitor staff, or practitioners.
  • Social Events – Receptions, dinners, alumni events, reunions, parties and specialty groups where there is no educational/scientific program presented. Social events can be held in conjunction with a workshop or independently.

Satellite Events that are intended for attendees of the Congress and others will overlap in time with official Congress programming, and thus the time slots available for Satellite Events other than Meetings are limited. Satellite Events can either be intended for all attendees or be by invitation for a subset of attendees. Organisers are requested to make sure that they promote their events as much as possible and attract audiences in the room.

Satellite Events need to be international in their design and thematically connected to the Congress main themes:

  • Users’ capacity to access, reuse and share OER
  • Issues related to language and culture
  • Ensuring inclusive and equitable access to quality OER
  • The need to change business models and
  • The development of supportive policy environments.

The application deadline for Satellite Event requests is June 1st. Approval of Satellite Events is at the sole decision of the Congress management.  Listing of Satellite Events in the program or on the Congress website is at the sole decision of the Congress management.

Organizer Responsibilities

If your event is approved, you must

  • Work directly with the Congress designated staff regarding all event logistics (direct contact with the conference venue or hotel is not permitted).
  • Adhere to all Congress policies and procedures.
  • Adhere to hotel or venue policies and procedures.
  • State clearly in all communications about the event, including written materials and emails, that the Satellite Event is or isn’t sponsored or endorsed by Congress.
  • Order miscellaneous items, except those requested on the standard form (i.e., audiovisual, staging, etc.).
  • Supply the signage for the event (signs may be placed only outside the door entrance to the event — directional signage is prohibited).
  • Remove all signage and meeting materials (e.g., handouts) from assigned rooms at the event’s conclusion.

Sattelite Event Request

Sattelite Event Request
    If you can cover your own expenses, it will make it easier for the Congress organizers to distribute funding towards bringing attendees from all parts of the world.