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Medical teams from different continents using virtual meeting room facilities will show fantastic potential of collaborative OER creation and usage in the field of Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) during the OER Congress. Hackathon between distributed teams will provide gamification and allow comparisement of different methods. OER results will be immediately shared using OER Congress Content Library and WINFOCUS (www.winfocus.org) channels.


Point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) is a revolutionary new tool that holds promise finally bringing some form of visual diagnosis in medicine to billions of people that can never hope to access modern medical diagnostics as CT (Computer Tomography), MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), even less so in emergency situations.

Past decade has seen many short courses offered to doctors and even nurses to gain basic POCUS skills in management of critically ill, but reach of this courses is limited (in numbers and geography).

Similarly, many Medical schools, mostly in USA, have taken up POCUS as educational tool, enabling students to learn medicine (anatomy, physiology, clinical exam) through POCUS probe.

PACE project (POCUS-Assisted Clinical Exam) was started by POCUS student interest group at Medical School in Maribor, Slovenia. 

Its aim is to create and invite other student groups to contribute in repository of educational materials (eBooks, Presentations, eTextbooks) that would be freely available to medical educators throughout the World.

Workshop purpose

UNESCO 2nd OER World Congress Hackathon will pitch student POCUS interest groups from different continents with simple task; to create best, clearest, easiest to use educational materials to teach students medicine with the help of POCUS probe.

Group competition and all other activities will take place online.

All received projects in Hackathon will be collated together and given to humanity for free use in their medical education.

We strongly believe, that only global collaboration can help millions of healthcare providers serve billions of people in need of basic, sustainable healthcare that will include POCUS as major diagnostic modality.

Motivation for attendees

Discover power of advanced collaboration tools for international cooperation in OER content creation and distribution.


Medical School in Maribor, Slovenia

Medical Chamber of Slovenia


Dr. Gregor Prosen

Main organizer email: gregor.prosen@gmail.com